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Nissan headerShort breakdown of my work on Nissan Navara
Post-production at St-Louis VFX
Here is an article on 3DVF about this making of, thanks to them
Nissan Navara movie

header les revenantsMaking of « Les revenants »
I feel so lucky to have worked on such an amazing project
supervised by Sébastien Rame at Mikros Image

Cartier headerProject I worked on, « Diamonds » directed by Johan Renck
Post-production at Mikros Image

Star Wars Scene RemakeBreakdown of my last VFX work with David R. / Softwares I used : 3dsMax, Nuke

Here is an article on 3DVF about this making of, thanks to them

Here is another article by TheCGBros, thanks to them !

Another one by CG Press, many thanks to them too !

Statue of LibertyQuick show of a CGIntegration using Mocha/Nuke/3dsMax(with Vray)

Here is an article about this work on 3DVF, thanks to them !

This work has been share in the Mocha 2015 customer showreel, thanks to them

Compositing3DCompositing using 3Dbuffers – Softwares used : 3dsMax 2014 (with Vray 3.00.03) / Nuke

RigRemovalShadow suppression using camera tracker – Software used : Nuke

CG IntegrationCG Integration workflow camera lens correction etc. – Softwares used : Mocha / Nuke / C4D / Ps

CleanPlateMochaA short video about how I use Mocha Pro for cleaning areas